Wednesday, December 13, 2017


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Extreme Networks - EAS-300/3

Course: ExtremeWare Advanced Security and Traffic Engineering
Length: 3 days
Price: $1,875.00
  Currently, there are no scheduled dates for this course.
Course Description

Instructor-led course with lecture and extensive laboratory exercises, this course presents the concepts and commands required to secure Extreme Network switches and control the traffic inside a network. Focus will be on general security concerns and the specific Extreme Networks methods for switch and traffic protection and control.

Intended Audience

This course is tailored for those individuals responsible for the design, configuration, management, support and use of the Extreme Networks family of LAN switches. It will benefit individuals who are familiar with general networking and with basic Extreme Networks knowledge and configuration skills, but who desire a comprehensive overview of Access Control Lists, Access Profiles, Radius, QoS and SLB as they are implemented by Extreme. This course will help students preparing for the ENS Certification.

Pre-requisite skills

Solid theoretical and practical understanding of switching and routing concepts, experience with LAN and VLAN concepts, including Ethernet, TCP/IP and OSPF protocol knowledge. These pre-requisite skills can be met by attending the recommended Extreme Introduction courses EDN-100/3 and EIP-100/2, followed by the Extreme Configuration and Troubleshooting course ECT-200/5. Students with the Extreme Networks Associate Certification meet these pre-requisites.

Students Learn to:
  • Understand security concerns and the role that Extreme Networks switches can perform to address infrastructure and service security concerns.
  • Understand benefits of ensuring authenticated and encrypted switch and application access deploying SSH, Radius and Net-Login features.
  • Learn about ExtremeWare supported encryption methods.
  • Understand the concept and practical use of Access Control Lists and Access Profiles.
  • Configure and deploy specific ExtremeWare MAC-based security features.
  • Understand Denial of Service attacks and Extremes DOS-protect response.
  • Control the network traffic patterns that are involved with day-today business applications.
  • How Network Address Translation works and can increase security.
  • Discuss benefits and implement Policy-Based QoS and Bi-Directional Rate Shaping.
  • Discuss and configure different Server Load Balancing types supported in ExtremeWare.
  • Learn the concept and configuration steps of Web Cache Redirection.