Wednesday, December 13, 2017


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Linux Education Services

If you are looking to add Linux to your arsenal of IT weapons, let us show you what quality Linux training looks like.

Lets face it, Linux is not windows. We don't expect you to snap your fingers and have it figured out. That is our job. To help you integrate Linux into your everyday world, Service Pointe's instructors will patiently teach you, step-by-step; hold your hand if necessary, until this new operating system is as easy for you to use as it is for us.

Because Service Pointe is partnered with Sun Microsystems and HP, we are heavily invested in Linux, and therefore, enjoy one of the best Linux curriculums available. We have some of the most experience instructors in the industry who thoroughly grasp the Linux platform, as well as the migration progress. Linux is an extremely powerful operating system. Come learn from Service Pointe... we know how to make you an extremely powerful Linux user!